The Phumelela Group now has a workforce of 1,600 employees in South Africa.

Approximately one third of the staff complement is full time, while the rest are rostered part-time employees.  The frequency of staff rostering has increased significantly as the company has imported more international racing for local horseplayers to bet on.

The company maintains regularly updated employment equity policies, plans and programs that fully comply with the requirements of the Employment Equity Act of 1998.  Formal affirmative action plans and programmes form integral parts of the human resource planning processes and are implemented through training and development, succession planning, recruitment and selection processes all of which are reviewed regularly by management.

Transparency in all our human resources management practices is enhanced by the active participation of the various employee forums created under the auspices of the Act.  The company’s approach to employment equity is therefore part of an integrated plan aimed at ensuring that an increasing number of suitably qualified, previously disadvantaged people continue to take positions of leadership in all the important areas of the business.

Currently, over 30% of executive and senior management are from previously disadvantaged groups which include women, while the corresponding percent for middle management is about 40%.

The representation at junior management and other supervisory levels is overachieved in terms of both our specific targets and national demographics.  More than 70% of all staff are black, and females constitute more than 70% of the total complement.

Generally all positions within the company are graded, and people are remunerated according to their levels of responsibilities, grades and performance.

The employment equity challenges for the company going forward continue to lie in bringing in young people and progressing more blacks and females into more senior managerial ranks.  In as far as women are concerned, the platform for this challenge is already in place, as more than 60% of our junior and supervisory managers are female.

Phumelela boasts an 84% black staff complement of which 72% are female.

Black managers manage more than 80% of our retail outlets and approximately 85% of these are woman.

Currently, 46% of our middle management are black staff with 30% being female.

Our senior management comprises of 20% black staff and 15% woman.