Betting on sports like soccer, rugby and cricket is the fastest growing form of gambling globally and Phumelela is represented in the sports betting market through various channels, notably a range of tote bets on soccer and rugby and its subsidiary company Betting World, a corporate fixed-odds operator.

Soccer 6 was launched in 2003 and has proved a bit hit with both soccer fans and horseplayers with an interest in soccer.

Soccer 6 is similar to the Pick 6. The results of 6 matches must be predicted and there are 3 options per match: Team A win, a draw or Team B win.

More than 10 Soccer 6 pools are operated weekly and since the bet's introduction various other tote bets on soccer have been launched - Soccer 4, Soccer 10, Soccer 13, Soccer 1, Soccer Score, Soccer GG and Soccer 13 Xtra.

In 2011 TAB ventured into tote betting on rugby with the introduction of Rugby 5, in which the results of five matches must be predicted with five result options to choose from in each match. Another rugby bet, Rugby 1, was launched in 2012.